One of the co-owners of Laurel Oak since its inception in 1986, Guy serves as Vice-President of the business.  He holds a BS from Cook College of Rutgers University and has over 30 years’ experience in the landscaping industry.  Guy possesses extensive knowledge of plants and landscape design, and believes every plant is beautiful in its own way.  His real love, however, is hard-scaping – especially the designing and building of ponds and water features.  Guy resides in Medford with his wife and two daughters.  He is active in the community, donating both time and resources to many efforts.  Outside of landscaping and his family, Guy’s favorite pastimes include running, swimming and alligator wrestling.  Those who know Guy envy his metabolism, which allows him to eat anything.  He claims his favorite food is Mexican, but we all know it’s really Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  Wave a bag of them under his nose, and watch him salivate.


Dave has served as President and co-owner of Laurel Oak since the business’ establishment in 1986.  Along with running the company, Dave is Laurel Oak’s lead landscape designer.  Dave’s formal training includes a BS in Landscape Architecture from Rutgers University and ongoing professional education courses.  However, he is the first to say it is his 35+ years of experience and the school of hard knocks that is what most helps him develop the beautiful and effective landscaping designs which the crews then bring to life.  Dave believes strongly in several tenets in his personal life – and ensures these are carried through into Laurel Oak: treat people the way you want to be treated, and add value to whatever it is you are doing.  Giving back and being active in the community are important to Dave and he serves on the Boards of several community and business associations.  Dave resides in Marlton with his wife and three children.  When not busy with Laurel Oak, Dave enjoys running, spending time with his family, and hot coal salsa dancing.  On the rare evenings he has a chance to sit and eat dinner, steak is always at the top of his request list.

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